Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What does BlueRose mean? (To me)

I guess you could say I am the first BlueRose initiate, although I'm not really sure if that would be correct, because I don't believe we as a coven had adopted the name until after my initiation.  I could be wrong with that, my memory gets wonky when linear timelines are involved, but I digress.  Even though I was the first initiate, and part of the founding coven, I didn't fully adopt the idea of us being a different line for a while.  I was part of the BlueRose coven certainly, but for a long time I had been really fed up with this Feri obsession over lineage.  I had seen lineage be used too many times as a tool used to divide us, alienate us from each other.  It was just more Feri drama. 

For a tradition that spends YEARS working on students before bringing them through the fold, why do we have SO MUCH FUCKING DRAMA?  That however is a whole different post, one that I will save my sanity and probably never write.

But now we have been around for a number of years.  I am not the only person brought through with the particular flavor we call BlueRose.  We have a community of not just initiates, but practitioners of many different levels.  When I look at what we are, and what we are building, we really are distinct.

I no longer see the naming of our lineage as divisive.  It is honoring who we are.  It is honoring our flavor and our Patrons.  It is honoring our Craft.

I will take students, I have one now.  I will teach Feri in my way, which will be different from Storm's way, which was different from Mitchel's way.  But we will be BlueRose.  Honoring the differences that are our strengths is at the very CORE of what makes up BlueRose.  We all bring different things into the fold.  That is what gives us solid roots.  It's what gives us community.  We value the Work of This God in all its varied forms.  We laugh together, we work together, we build together.

Though we are seperated by many miles, every petal of this Rose shines brightly, and our love of the Goddess and one another will be how we are remembered.


  1. Thank you for this.

    This has been a core value of BlueRose from the beginning: We honor differences and see them as ways to make us stronger. They make us MORE Feri, not less. We weave together our many talents and voices and opinions and in this way we honor what our ancestors have left for us by ensuring that we move forward and continue to deepen our magic. We evolve. We grow. We are Feri. We are BlueRose.

  2. I love you all, and I'm truly proud to be growing as a petal of such a beautiful Rose.

  3. This is exactly the type of dialogue that attracted me to BlueRose to begin with. <3