Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cleansed, I Dance Divine

Cleansed, I Dance Divine
by Storm Faerywolf

The goddess muse, she came to me
one darkened summer night
I heard her voice, she called to me
And said that I must write
For her a song, to cleanse the soul
And wash away the pain
To coax in them, their precious soul
Aligned and in Her Name.

To shine so bright, as precious jewels
His feather does proclaim
The Lord of Blue, is in love with you
with passion yet untamed…

“Join,” he says, “the joyous dance
to the silver flute I play
Worship me, I am the God you’ll be
if only you will stay…

True to your heart, as black as pitch
in pleasure and in pain
and live your life as a wild witch
and power you shall attain…

Standing proud, within the sun
you shine with stellar light
Just let it go… Leave it all behind…
It will be all right…
                                         It will be all right…”

The moon upon the water’s face
Will open up your eye
The river’s blood, will wash you clean
and reborn you will shine.

When all is done, the water flows
over your head and down
and captured in a sacred cup
With cleansing you intone:

“I wash my crown, I bless my crown,
And open up the door
the faery eye, upon me gleams
and shows me so much more…

My throat in notes, resounds in sounds
with abandon I will sing
My heart unfurls, and blooms, and beams
with love fears not the sting

My center shines, with solar light
My will thus directed
My sex aroused, hot and proud
pleasure perfected

My roots are strong, my base secure.
I’m rooted to the earth
My branches high, beyond the sky
As in heaven so on earth”

The sacred cup, with water filled
your essence it contains
is poured upon the earth and spilled
as a much needed rain…

The serpent rises from below
and reaches for the dove
Aroused is he, in holy lust
And he in sacred love

And as the blue, meets with the red
The star-struck lover’s eyes
A hunger builds, that must be fed
a violet river cries

The blue star falls from the open sky
The moon, blood red does rise
And meets the sun to eclipse its light
The Black Heart is thy prize

The three aligned, and made as one
My own triple will
Calls to them who as stars do fall
And invokes what no one will

The crossroads mark, the holy spot
where angels guard the way
to sacred lands, beyond a dream
yet with us everyday…

A circle cast, by ancient art
a work by holy rite
within its bounds we speak Her name
and summon forth the sight

Between the worlds, of night and day
between land and sea
‘Tween light and dark, a third road walked
leads to the jubilee

The faery dance, the magic song
enchants the souls of man
a tale spun, a story told
before time began…

A primal dark, a single light
A universe is born
From the stuff of stars, are you so made
by their light are you adorned

And from the earth, your primal life
Your wild heart and your blood
The wind your breath, your will and dreams
the fire and the flood

The Ancient One shines for all to see
in that spark we call life
We tend the flame with a sacred charge
by wand, cup, stone, and knife

The Iron star, within my blood
The Pearl shining alight
by both of them, and more do I
Charge the spell that I recite:

“May I be clean, be whole and pure
May I have the strength of stone
May I know myself in all my parts
And know I’m not alone.”

For the Old Ones guide this path I walk
And grant me gifts arcane
And so in their name, I sacrifice,
My fear and my pain.

And free of these, my burden lifts
My heart soars feather-light
And so I join the dance of the faery king
and live forever in one night.

I don’t care if I ever come back
Forever in my heart shines.
Between the worlds I step through the crack
And cleansed, I dance divine. 

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