Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome to BlueRose

With so many people now jumping on the "keep Feri secret" bandwagon and making public proclamations about how super secret they really are, I thought that it was about time to go even further in the direction that I have been led and so... welcome to BlueRose!

BlueRose is a lineage and school of the F(a)eri(e) tradition of witchcraft founded by myself that seeks to embody Feri and the Craft in the ways modeled by Feri's founders, Victor & Cora Anderson. Both Victor and Cora wrote books and taught openly, including giving public offerings at Pantheacon as well as simply in their home to whomever wanted to show up. I seek to practice Feri in this same way, by making public offerings and then offering deeper teachings to those who wish to commit to the real work. BlueRose has three components: While part of BlueRose is an open Outer Court (in the form of writings, websites, and an open circle), there is also a private intermediary school, as well as an inner mystery priesthood that carries on the fullness of the Feri tradition as initiatory mystery tradition. These three parts together are interwoven and together form the heart of the paradox of Feri: that Openness and Mystery meet as One.

Check out the website... and stay tuned to the blog in the days and weeks to come for more.

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  1. The website is beautiful. Thank you for creating it.